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Climate for Learning

Healing Academy PRAISE Protocols 2023-24

One key foundation of Healing Academy’s ethos  is to applaud and praise success both in and outside of lessons.  

At Healing Academy we are passionate about creating a culture where progress and success are both academic and personal developments.  Where students pride themselves and engage with extra curricular activities for the love of learning and being part of a community.  These successes are communicated home via ClassCharts, phone calls home and via social media platforms.  It is important the whole community shares the same philosophy, hopes and aspirations and all play an equal part in developing the sense of achievement, positive PRAISE, recognition and celebration within the academy.

  • One of 4 whole school priorities is: – 
Creating a culture where progress and success are both academic and personal developments. Where students pride themselves and engage with extra curricular activities for the love of learning and being part of our community .

To ensure this is embedded in lessons and during social time it is an expectation that all staff actively participate and promote the following procedures consistently: – 

ClassCharts PRAISE recognition  During every lesson staff members are expected to award the following via ClassCharts  for any student who goes over and above the lessons expectations: – 

  • Good progress
  • Great work
  • Kindness
  • Perseverance
  • Sharing
  • Bell Task amazing work
  • Excellent contribution
  • Train your brain – fully engaged.

Tutors, Middle Leaders, Learning Managers and SLT  can also award: –

  • Half termly rewards
  • Learning Manager Awards
  • Middle Leader Awards
  • Tutor award
APPLAUSE MOMENT All answers & excellent contribution in lessons are celebrated with a round of applause from the teacher and peers 
PRAISE STUDENT OF THE WEEK Each week every member of staff will select one single student who has excelled during the week to be their PRAISE student of the week.  This will be displayed on classroom doors and shared on our social media platform.
PRAISE FRIDAY  Each Friday students who have been selected by their classroom teachers as deserving of PRAISE will be awarded a PRAISE sticker in their journal.  These will be used to gain PRAISE points and a sweet treat at the PRAISE Friday tables in each dining hall.  
PRAISE ASSEMBLIES  Each half term all year groups will enjoy a PRAISE assembly, often delivered by the Principal & Learning Manager, where the hardest workers, highest achievers, 100% attenders and most deserved students gain recognition, applause moments and are rewarded for their dedication. 
HEALING HEROES  Staff can nominate one student weekly for exceptional reasons who has really excelled in a subject or activity . These pupils are invited to a celebration event each week where they meet Mrs Fitzgerald and are rewarded with certificates and a variety of sweet treats.
ATTENDANCE PRAISE  High attendance is celebrated through letters home, rewards for 100% attendance and prizes for the highest attending tutor groups each week which is celebrated within assemblies and a tutor breakfast. Each half term there will be an ‘In it to win it’ competition. Students that have 100% attendance for a week will be entered into the competition. In addition to this there will be attendance heroes for students who make a significant change to their attendance. 
PLEDGES  Students who show a commitment to going beyond the curriculum gains a badge for the following: – Commitment, Pride, Integrity, Cultural Awareness, Participation, Motivation, Community, Respect, Compassion, Responsibility. 

Each term these badges can be traded for Bronze, Silver, Gold & finally the greatly anticipated Platinum Pledge badge 

GOLDEN TICKET REWARD  Every half term, students with 100% attendance (except those with medical exemptions) and brilliant behaviour will be rewarded with a golden ticket. This will involve a treat of some sort to recognise their

fantastic achievements and ensure they remain motivated.

As an Academy we also feel it is important to PRAISE the hardwork and dedication that our staff members undertake on a weekly basis with the following PRAISE recognition
I HEARD A  WISPA  Weekly middle leaders and the SLT team nominate staff members who have gone above and beyond for our students.  They gain a weekly chocolate treat and are recognised internally & on social media.

Our policy explains the behaviour expected in our Academy. We aim to promote good relationships with people working together with the common purpose of helping everyone learn. In everyone following the policy, we ensure we foster an environment in which everyone feels happy, safe and secure.