Our Academy


Our Upskill Programme 2023/24 has been developed to give our students the opportunity to learn exciting new skills that could help them as them progress into their chosen career, as well as having fun and making new friends.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Additional core skills for your chosen vocation
  • Technical skills to meet the needs of developing industries
  • Learn teamwork and how to manage yourself
  • Meet industry professionals who can offer advice and share experience

How it Works:

  • Choose a session and attend for a full term. Stuents must commit to at least one activity per ter
  • Earn Bronze, Silver and Gold badges throughout the year
  • Students can choose as many activities to take part in as they like
  • Lunch Bites are capped at 15 people. First come, first served

Transport home is provided for those who require transport to Stallingborough, Laceby or Keelby.



Student Government

At our Academy, we believe boosting opportunities for students to become leaders enhances their chances of becoming leaders of the future. Our Student Government is a partnership working with Academy staff to ensure students have a voice and support the Academy in achieving our goals.

All members of the Student Government can be identified by wearing a blue school tie.

Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister:

Students voted for their Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. They elected:

  • Mike Valev as Prime Minister
  • Zachary Evans as Deputy Prime Minister

They will stand in post for one year.

Cabinet positions:

The rest of the Student Government is made up of students from Years 8-10. They are as follows:

  • Minister for Clubs & Enrichment: Luke Albery and Antoni Ciopcinski
  • Minister for Public Relations: Amelia Karmalita and Callum Stevenson
  • Minister for School Events: Thomas Bews and Stephanie Dailey
  • Minister for Diet & Healthy Living: Ivan Chen and Luiza Grzeminska
  • Minister for Sustainability & Environment: Adam Porter
  • Minister for Equality: Lacie Mustafa