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Involve and Achieve

After school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays we hold the Involve (for KS3) and Achieve (for KS4) sessions. For KS3, these are a selection of enrichment clubs students can voluntarily sign up to for the term. For KS4, all Y10s have to attend one session on Mondays (continuation and extended learning of their option blocks) and all Y11s have to attend all three sessions (English/Maths/Science).

Transport home is provided for those who require transport to Stallingborough, Laceby or Keelby.



Student Government

At our Academy, we believe boosting opportunities for students to become leaders enhances their chances of becoming leaders of the future. Our Student Government is a partnership working with Academy staff to ensure students have a voice and support the Academy in achieving our goals.

All members of the Student Government can be identified by wearing a blue school tie.

Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister:

Students voted for their Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister on Thursday 23rd June 2022. They elected:

  • Oskar Grzeminski as Prime Minister
  • Leon May as Deputy Prime Minister

They will stand in post for one year.

Cabinet positions:

The rest of the Student Government is made up of students from Years 8-10. They are as follows:

  • Senior Ministers: Zuzanna Adamska and Lacie Mustafa
  • Minister for Clubs & Enrichment: Charlie Smith and William Smith
  • Minister for Public Relations: Callum Stevenson and Ollie Iveson
  • Minister for School Events: Jayden Mogg and Liliah Vincent
  • Minister for Culture: Noemi Kiss and Owyn Childs
  • Minister for Diet & Nutrition: Alex Jepson and Gracie Hall
  • Minister for School Property: Joe Daniels and Zac Crome
  • Minister for Equality: Ruby Kitts and Mary Adamska


Love to Learn