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  • September 19, 2022

This month saw the first pledge badges awarded to the Healing Academy student government team for the ‘motivation’ that they displayed whilst delivering a whole academy assembly for all year groups. Oskar (Prime Minister), Leon (Deputy Prime Minister) and their cabinet outlined their main duties and responsibilities as well as discussing the importance of democracy. We are so proud of each member of the team and are excited to work collaboratively with them during the course of the year.

The student government team consists of:

  • Oskar G (Prime Minister)
  • Leon M (Deputy Prime Minister)
  • Lacie Mustafa (Senior Minister)
  • Zuzanna Adamska (Senior Minister)
  • Charlie S and William S (Ministers for Clubs & Enrichment)
  • Callum S and Ollie I (Ministers for Public Relations
  • Jayden M and Liliah V (Ministers for School Events)
  • Noemi K and Owyn C (Ministers for Culture)
  • Alex J and Gracie H (Ministers for Diet and Nutrition)
  • Joe D and Zac C (Ministers for School Property)
  • Ruby K and Mary A (Ministers for Equality)