Please be aware of the following key dates for Year 11 GCSE examinations:

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How proud are we of our U13 Table Tennis team who were crowned Champions in the North East Lincolnshire District tournament on 28th September 2022.

What a fantastic team. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Oliver Cass, a former Year 11 student at Healing Academy, has been accepted onto a DiSE with England Hockey. The PE team are exceptionally proud of their brilliant GCSE PE student.

The Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) programme is a government funded scheme designed to directly measure the athletes’ ability to plan, apply and evaluate their development in the appropriate aspects of hockey. The DiSE programme is delivered in partnership between England Hockey and Loughborough College. Players are expected to attend four national camps that provide a rich blend of on-pitch technical and tactical sessions, presentations, 1-2-1s and elements of portfolio work.

Prime Minister Oskar Grzeminska and Deputy Prime Minister Leon May attended Healing Primary this week to share with Year 6 students their top tips for election success. Healing Primary — a school in the Harbour Learning Trust — are currently electing its school Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Oskar and Leon explained what it means to represent their peers, the school and the wider community. They spoke about the importance of democracy and the responsibility of the elected candidates. Also, Oskar and Leon shared with Healing Primary their vision, values and ethos for Healing Academy. While both have only been in post a short time, Oskar and Leon are already having a positive impact on our Academy and the Harbour Learning Trust.

Mr Goodwin celebrates the publication of his third educational book. Year One, Lighting the path on your first year in teaching, is aimed at early career teachers. Mr Goodwin is working in our Deep Learning team this year alongside Mr Wakefield. Together, they will work with colleagues to utilise some of the core ideas from Mr Goodwin’s book to provide the highest standards of Quality First Teaching for our students.

This month saw the first pledge badges awarded to the Healing Academy student government team for the ‘motivation’ that they displayed whilst delivering a whole academy assembly for all year groups. Oskar (Prime Minister), Leon (Deputy Prime Minister) and their cabinet outlined their main duties and responsibilities as well as discussing the importance of democracy. We are so proud of each member of the team and are excited to work collaboratively with them during the course of the year.

The student government team consists of: